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If you talk about Bola QQBola88, Texas Holdem is the main star but other versions can add your knowledge better and you need to learn about 2-7 triple draw.

What is 2-7 Triple Draw Bola QQBola88

Texas Holdem can be the main star and this is something you can’t deny anymore. However, when you talk about other popular versions of Bola QQBola88, then you will meet several types you never know like 2-7 triple draw. This game is sometimes called as deuce to seven. Basically this is not a difficult game to do but you just need to understand the basic rule that will help you to play easily.

Learn About 2-7 Triple Draw Bola QQBola88

2-7 triple draw is basically the lowball game Bola QQBola88 and players will deal 5 cards and they are given 3 chances to draw cards in the same way just like 5-card draw. In this game, Ace is the highest rank of all cards and if you want to win, the possible and also the best hand is started from 7-5-4-3-2. Why 7? Since the name is 2-7, so you must include 7 if you want to create the right hand and those hands are called as Number One because no hands can beat it anymore if one player holds it at the end.

One popular and best player in this game is Ben Yu. Now, it is no longer here but when Ben Yu joined the tournament of 2-7 triple draw, around 80 players joined too in the pot limit tournament with $10,000 and Ben Yu took the first place and he went home with $232,738 after beating Shaun Deeb.

Now, the tournament is closed since 2017 but if you want to play this Bola taruhan bola88  version, perhaps you can find it in several casinos or other online sites.