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Jewish Community Remembers “The Night of Broken Glass”
CBS Miami

“I’m the only one survived from my family,” said David Mermelstein, who was liberated from a concentration camp at age 16. “That’s the reason we do what we do, to make sure it’s not forgotten,” he added.

Community to commemorate Kristallnacht anniversary
Sun Sentinel

The local community will commemorate the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht through different events. One event is the annual observance sponsored by the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach, a committee of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, at 6 p.m. on Nov. 10.

Holocaust Memorial a humbling reminder
San Antonio Express-News

There was so much babble about the importance of Game 6 on television and radio that a respite was needed. Tom Orsborn and I left from our fashionable South Beach hotel to check out the area during a morning walk. We kept going until we stopped at one of the most haunting, thought-provoking places I’ve ever visited.

Silence Isn’t An Option For Miami’s Holocaust Survivors

Isaac Klein is standing arm-in-arm with his wife at the edge of three small steps. They lead down to a pond that surrounds Kenneth Treiester’s famous Sculpture of Love and Anguish.

Hundreds Gather to Remember Holocaust Victims

Hundreds of South Floridians came together for a solemn ceremony and paid tribute to the victims of the Holocaust, Sunday.

Holocaust Museum to host Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony
Miami Herald

South Floridians will gather Sunday evening at the Holocaust Memorial on Miami Beach to remember its victims and honor its survivors.

March Of The Living: Three Who Survived
CBS Miami

Three men…three stories…three lives changed forever. Nearly 70 years after the holocaust, survivors David Schaecter, David Mermelstein and Joe Sachs remember those horrific dark days and the loved ones they lost — just like it was yesterday.

Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass) at the Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial
The Miami Herald

Last night, Nov. 7, at the Holocaust Memorial in Miami Beach, over 300 people gathered for a special program commemorating Kristallnach, the night of broken glass that occurred in Germany on Nov. 9, 1938.